Frequently Asked Questions

How long until my child is grade level in reading/writing?2022-09-16T12:22:18-04:00

Progress varies from student to student. Consistency in attending sessions is key for progress.

My child’s teacher said “he/she will catch up.” Do we need this service?2022-09-16T12:24:09-04:00

Early detection and intervention is the best prediction of success.  A “wait and watch” approach will only lead to frustration, low self esteem and potential behavioral issues.

What ages do you accept at your center?2023-03-08T11:06:03-05:00

Kindergarten through adult

Do you speak to school personal and support services?2022-09-16T12:27:39-04:00

We encourage open communication with family, school personnel (written consent needed), and outside support services (written consent needed).


Do you attend IEP meetings, requested reviews or other educational meetings?2023-03-08T11:06:24-05:00

Yes, as a special education advocate, my presence at meetings is often requested by parents. I provide private consultations as well as in-person attendance at meetings (for an additional fee).

What is your cancellation policy?2022-09-16T12:29:07-04:00

24 hour notice is required.

Is Zoom as effective as in-person?2022-09-16T12:29:38-04:00

Yes. Lessons are as effective as a result of interactive technology.

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